Opening 5.19.17
7:30 PM

5.19.17 — 5.21.17
Open 48 hours, continuously

FRI-ENDS Gallery
65 Washington St., Providence, RI

The show investigates the transformative impact of the Internet on art and life, and how they have become indissociable entities today. We know that today there is art that is based not in one way or the other on the Internet. Even if not primarily working with the Internet or digital technologies, every contemporary artwork is part of the Internet-cene (and its economy).

By revisiting art historical discourses on the relationship of art and life we hoped to gain critical understanding of how artists have engaged the blurring of art/life before.

Following his claim that “everyone is an artist” Joseph Beuys introduced the idea of a “social sculpture” to imagine a broader definition of art and creativity; a definition whose neo-avant-gardist objective was to reunite art and life. The “social sculpture” a social organism characterized by openness, spirituality, and fantasy, was aimed at shaping the entire society and was meant to be accomplished cooperatively, spontaneously, and with the help of various disciplines. For us, the question was: how can we help to create a “social sculpture” for Internet life?

Asli Serbest, Kai Franz

Works by Samantha Adelman, Jay Bibel, Tiffany Bushka, Shane Daly, Maddie Gibson, Exene Karros, Lauren Lee, Angela Lorenzo, Alec Mapes-Frances, Brian Oakes, Lee Pivnik, Zoe Scruggs, Jake Sillen, Louis-Charles Tiar, Lauren Traugott-Campbell, Boyang Xia

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